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Title: Carnivora - Protect Your Immune System With Natureís Nutritional Powerhouse

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Narrator: Carnivora - Natureís Nutritional Powerhouse. Protect your Immune System, itís the only one you have!

The Environmental Protect Agency estimates we encounter some 15,000 different chemicals each day, from the cleansers and hygiene products we use, to the foods we eat, to the computers we work on, to the very air we breathe. Our bodies are under constant assault. This all too often can lead to a compromised immune system, paving the way to disorders and disease.

Dr. Kenner, PhD, LAc: There are not only environmental toxins, but there are also toxins just from poor diet, from stress, from an inactive lifestyle, and also from pathogenic microbes-those are germs. Now over the years there can be an accumulation of these toxins and even though we may not feel any ill effects from them, they can gradually cause life altering and even life threatening diseases. Now the reason for this is because they also damage the immune system. The immune system is the first line of defense in protecting the body.

Narrator: But this fascinating product has been shown to have a profound effect on modulating our immune system. Itís Carnivora, a 100% pure derivative of the Venus Fly Trap. It consumes its prey, insects, and all of the toxins along with them. In 1973 European physicians theorized if it could kill intruder DNA in nature, could it do the same in the human body?

Dr. Kenner: There have been a number of clinical investigations by physicians and research scientists for over 30 years, since the 1970ís. In fact thereís a vast scientific literature on the pharmacological activity of the plant Dionaea Muscipula and most of its major components. Carnivoraís been used around the world, including celebrities and political figures, and that includes a former American President and first lady, President Ronald Reagan and first lady Nancy Reagan. Our immune systems are under constant assault. When people ask me, why take something like Carnivora, I always tell them: Take care of the immune system, itís the only one youíve got.

Michelle: I was first introduced to Carnivora by my dad. He learned about Carnivora after he got sick and was looking for some supplements to keep him healthy. And he discovered Carnivora. He was so thrilled with the product that he shared it with his family, friends and patients. My dad was a family physician, a medical doctor. So I've been taking Carnivora for at least 10 years, I don't remember when I started taking it. But I've been taking it as has my husband. It's a wonderful product. It in conjunction with other supplements help keep me healthy and my father was a big part of that in sharing the message of Carnivora and what it does.

Narrator: Now 30 years later, after years of clinical research and application, and after being available in other parts of the world since 1981, Carnivora is available in the US in natural supplement form.

Dr. Kenner: Iíve been using alternative medicine as a clinician for almost 30 years, and Iíve also published work on how doctors in Europe use botanical substances for clinical issues, and I feel that Carnivora is one of the most versatile botanical substances that Iíve ever seen. One thing thatís unique about it is that itís a powerful antimicrobial, itís very wide spectrum.

Narrator: Immune system modulation is critical to maintain optimal immune efficiency. The ratio established by true immune modulation between our T-helper cells and T-suppressor cells determines how powerful the bodyís self-defense system is at any given time. The normalization of this ratio is critical to the creation of the most powerful immune response.

Dr. Kenner: Carnivora as an immune modulator helps maintain the balance of these two types of immune system cells. There are 17 natural substances in Carnivora that improve immune efficiency and work synergistically for that purpose. Now Carnivora has Quercetin and Myricetin which are two substances that are well established as anti-inflammatories. So the anti-inflammatory effect, along with the immune modulating effect, makes Carnivora a very powerful substance.

Narrator: Many watching will wonder, how exactly does it work?

Dr Kenner: The presence of microbes can compromise the function of the immune system. Now in addition to controlling these microbes, Carnivora also directly stimulates a number of different kinds of immune cells, like B cells and T cells. It can increase their numbers, and it can also increase their efficiency in secreting chemical messengers such as cytokines.

Narrator: Scientists and doctors agree that Carnivora supplements possess very unique properties. Perhaps the most convincing evidence comes from the thousands of people around the world taking Carnivora as a daily supplement.

Lois: My husband has recovered tremendously after the physician suggested that he start taking Carnivora. When he was doing so well on the Carnivora, I decided to start taking it as well and weíre both so pleased to be able to feel healthy again.

Narrator: Carnivora is the only pure phytonutrient extract of the Venus Fly Trap plant sold worldwide. It comes in two forms, capsules and also pure liquid extract.

Dr. Kenner: The capsules are used to stimulate immunity and whenever the immune system is not considered to be seriously challenged. The pure liquid extract is generally indicated when the challenge to the immune system is more severe.

Narrator: Whether capsules or liquid extract, both 100% pure, Carnivora and its healing properties have intrigued doctors and those who choose to stay healthy. This is yet another example of our ability to harness one of natureís most incredible defenses to enhance our own defenses.

Carnivora - Natureís Nutritional Powerhouse. Protect your Immune System with True Immune Modulation, itís the only one you have!

Michelle: And my father, who was a medical doctor, suggested that she take Carnivora. I have a very close relative who was faced with a severe challenge to her immune system. And my father, who was a family physician, suggested she take Carnivora. And she did. She took Carnivora 3 times a day in capsule and extract and 3 weeks later her condition was completely eliminated. It supported her immune system to such a degree that she's perfectly fine and healthy now.

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