President Ronald Reagan used Carnivora successfully in 1985 when he had it sent to the White House
Source: "German ****** Therapies", pg. 101
Author, Dr. Morton Walker - Winner of 27 Journalism awards

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Dr. Robert Rowen, MD, World Renowned Holistic Healer

"We have all kinds of healing mechanisms within the body. We just have to trigger them…
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Dr. C. Joe Schneller M.D., N.D., D.Sc., D.Ac., D.C. and Inventor of World's First Hybrid Darkfield Microscope performs preliminary study preceding double blind clinical study demonstrating how three Capsules of Carnivora wake up important white blood cells & NK cells of the immune system creating "Powerful Immune Defense."

"Make no mistake: It's your Immune System that heals you!"

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  • The ratio between the "helper" and "suppressor" cells of the immune system will mean the difference between staying healthy or allowing abnormal cellular growth.*

  • In immune monitoring studies conducted by ZYTOGNOST GmbH in Munich, Germany, researchers reported that "the effect of Carnivora could be characterized as 'immuno-modulatory.'" Immune system exposure to Carnivora causes "immune modulation" to occur. The result is the occurence of the critical homeostatic balance between "helper" and "suppressor" cells inherent in the immune system. The normalization of the homeostatic ratio between helper and suppressor cells is essential for powerful immune defense.*

    "Structure elucidation of Plumbagin-analogues from Dionaea Muscipula and their Immunomodulating Activities in vitro and in vivo"
    * Molecular Recognition, European Symposium, 1988 et. al.
    B. Kreher¹, A. Neszmelyi², K. Polos³, H. Wagner¹

    1. Institute of Pharmaceutical Biology, University of Munich, Karlstrasse 29,
    D-8000 München 2, FRG
    2. Central Research Institute for Chemistry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
    59 Pusztaszeri ut, H-1025 Budapest, Hungary
    3. Pharmat. Res. Inst., H-1368 Budapest, Hungary

  • The effect on abnormal cells showed a core energy loss (ATP level) of 100 percent after exposure to Carnivora for 24 hours. Complete cell death had occurred.*

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