Carnivora’s 17 compounds and their health benefits for your pets

Carnivora is the 100% pure extract of a plant called Dionaea Muscipula, a species of the Venus Fly Trap plant.  It consists of 17 multi-faceted, immune modulating compounds all of which are compatible with ALL animals.  These 17 naturally occurring compounds work synergistically in your pets’ body to produce the health benefits that have been scientifically validated and experienced by pets (of all species and sizes) for nearly 20 years.  Here are these 17 compounds and some of their health benefits:

Hydroplumbagin: A nutritional powerhouse that is neuroprotective and cardiotonic.  This immune modulating compound is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. 

Droserone: A powerful free radical scavenger with antibiotic properties, cough blocking abilities, and has spasmolytic capabilities.

Quercetin:Potent anti-oxidant, free radical scavenger.  Supports the circulatory system helping to maximize the efficiency of heart function.  Helps regulate immune modulation.

Formic Acid: Natural antiseptic, antibacterial nutrient.

Myricetin:  Bioflavonoid.  Powerful free radical scavenger.  Similar properties to Querecetin. 

Gallic Acid:  Antioxidant, Immune stimulative action aids chronic conditions.  Aids in the emulsification of fat by supporting the efficacy of lipases. 

Proteases:  Known for their ability to enhance immunity, proteases are considered an important line of defense and intestinal toxicity are among the most common symptoms of protease deficiency. 

Lipopolysaccharides:Sugars that contribute to stimulation of the immune system.  Contains properties that are highly potent against harmful cellular entities. 

Phytohormones:  Plant-derived building blocks that your pet’s body can use to rapidly create any hormones that are needed. These substances, also called phytosterols, are vital to a healthy balanced endocrine or hormonal system.

Carnivora also consists of the following amino acids:

Arginine:Supports Natural Killer cell function. Improves immune responses to foreign entities, crucial for tissue repair.  Plays an important role in the uric acid cycle, liver protective. 

Asparagine:  Assists in the expulsion of harmful ammonia, combats fatigue and increases endurance.

Threonine:  Aids the function of the intestinal / digestive tracts.  Assists in the metabolism and assimilation of nutrients.  Helps to regulate cholesterol and prevent fat build-up in the liver.

Glutamine:  Assists with the metabolism and detoxification of ammonia.  Helps maintain white blood cell population and T-cell production, supports intestinal health.

Alanine:  Strengthens immune system by producing antibodies, important source of energy for muscle tissue, brain and central nervous system.  Essential to catalyze and block harmful enzymes.

Cysteine:  Facilitates the production of glutathione, which enables white blood cells (lymphocytes such as T cells, B cells and NK cells) to reproduce to make antibodies to destroy foreign substances in your pet’s body. 

Serine:  Component of production of immune globulins (antibodies).  Antibodies bind with antigens which are toxins, etc. destroying them and removing them from your pet’s body. 

Histidine:  Found abundantly in hemoglobin. This amino acid is a potent free-radical scavenger that aids in normalizing systemic functions in your pet’s body.  Metabolizes histamine.   

Though all of these 17 compounds are impressive individually, it is the synergistic benefits produced when taken directly from nature where the real magic begins.  For nearly 2 decades, Carnivora has been used successfully by animals of all species and sizes for a wide range of immune challenges.