A Small Sampling of Comments About Our Products & Service

I am writing to thank Carnivora, the people on the order desk, in Administration, and the entire organization for the unequalled, and superior service I have received from Carnivora and the unequalled and superior product.

As I recently told Robert Scott Bell, Carnivora is the reason my blood immune levels are acceptable so that I can continue... It is one of the four cornerstones to my well-being. I have been in full remission for 3 years and thanks to my friend Eileen who purchases the capsules for me, and Carnivora itself, I intend to stay that way.



I have had amazing results on Carnivora after 22 days of following the protocol. I am not certain IF this protocol has anything or everything to do with my having hardly any discomfort, but I believe a miracle has occurred. I was experiencing excruciating discomfort and could barely function on some days. Now into my 3rd week, I feel amazingly well.

Have you heard from others in regard to having little or no discomfort from doing this protocol, feeling a sense of *wellness* or am I exclusive? Thank You for this product...and as for me, it is a miracle supplement that has literally changed my life in terms of how I function. I have recommended Carnivora to many people and still do...


Thank you for this herbal treatment. Since starting Carnivora I have not had any more headaches and my family life is returning to normal. I can definitely say that have experienced an easing of my symptoms. You have given me hope that all will be well soon. Thank you!

- B.L.

"It's tough to put a price on a product that works as great as Carnivora. This product is changing my life in a way that I really thought could not happen. I am feeling better each day and am thrilled to have found it. The company is easy to deal with and whenever I call with a question there is always a knowledgeable person there to help me. Very pleased with the product and the company."

- C.B.

After really reading all the testimonials of people that had had various conditions that were helped by Carnivora, I decided to try it. I had severe problems, I have had chronic immune conditions- oh my goodness, both to food and environment for years, ever since I can remember. Now I do not have any discomfort- I really have no problems whatsoever. I'm using Carnivora on a consistent basis and I can't say that I've been any healthier than I am today.

- C.V.