Should I take Carnivora Capsules or Carnivora Extract?

As a general rule, Carnivora Capsules are taken for immune conditions that are characterized as early and intermediate, as well as for maintenance of an efficient immune condition. Carnivora Capsules AND Extract are taken concurrently, along with Lymph Drainage for immune conditions that are characterized as "advanced." Carnivora in both forms may be used as a "primary" compound in higher doses alone or with other herbs and/or medications.*

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*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

In 1985, former president Ronald Reagan sent for Carnivora herbal drops. He ingested a once-diluted version of the drops, drinking from a glass several times a day.

Note: this information first appeared in the July 2003 nationally released text "German Cancer Therapies," page 101. "...Having therapies from around the world at his disposal... U.S. president Ronald Reagan had sent to... Germany for Carnivora herbal extract to take as a preventive... Thereafter, he drank thirty drops of the extract in a glass of purified water or herb tea four times a day. According to records kept by the extract's manufacturer, the U.S. president continued to buy and swallow these drops...

Beware of fraudulent Carnivora — there is only ONE Carnivora. It is protected by trademarks in more than 25 countries.

There are manufacturers and distributors of a "like" product commonly known as "venus flytrap juice." For years these distributors have attempted to yield a similar product to Carnivora. It has not and will not be imitated. Several of these manufacturers have also attempted to commit fraud by stating to the unsuspecting public that they "carry Carnivora" when in fact the product is not similar — and more importantly, is not similar in its efficacy. These products are not manufactured with European technologies that allow a 100 percent pure product to act with ultimate potency without the need for toxic fillers. Further, they are "impure," full of toxic excipients and fillers for profit. You will always find the juice product laced with alcohol, ethanol, glycerin and/or propylene glycol, a highly toxic compound used in antifreeze. It is not an accident that Carnivora has stood the test of almost thirty years of scrutiny from those individuals, companies and regulators seeking to suppress the product.

Carnivora is manufactured in the United States with its original European technology. It is 100% non-toxic and is distributed around the world to practitioners and the general public. Although it originated in Europe more than thirty-five years ago, it can be purchased from distributors around the world. More than a decade ago, corporate operations relocated to the United States from Europe. In essence, we brought Europe to the rest of the world.

Dr. Robert C. Atkins, former MD, medical director of the Atkins Center in New York City, employed Carnivora as part of his generalized model for... immune modulation. He was impressed mightily by the results achieved when the remedy was used. "The reason these results are impressive is that they show that (Carnivora) 'works' and is suitable to act as an effective partner to other nontoxic (remedies) that also work," Dr. Atkins stated. Excerpt from "German Cancer Therapies" page 62.

100 percent pure.

Not even diluted with water.

The efficacy of the product is far more potent and tolerable to humans. We've even removed "magnesium stearate" from Carnivora capsules. It is now documented that mag stearate destroys normal cells in humans and animals. Mag stearate is used in the production of thousands of products to assist machinery processing.

The taste is both subtle yet pure. We have not received any complaints concerning the taste of the extract.

There are NO side effects associated with the use of Carnivora. It is compatible with human and animal blood and WILL NOT HARM A SINGLE NORMAL CELL. However, using too much too soon may result in a "herxheimer" reaction. This occurs when abnormal cells "die-off" too quickly. This is precisely why the programs espouse the GRADUAL increase of Pure Capsules and/or Extract Drops over a period of weeks.

A European study for toxicity among Sprague-Dawley rats indicates a mean LD-50 ranging from 1,500 mg to 1.750 mg/kg of body weight. LD-50 is the calculated dose of a toxic compound that causes death in 50% of a group of experimental animals to which it is administered. In pharmacology, the LD-50 demarcation is used as a measure of the toxicity of drugs.

Carnivora is NOT toxic or mutagenic to normal cells. The seventeen inherent compounds in Carnivora are solely from the wonders of nature and will instinctively respond to abnormal cellular activity ONLY.

There is NO HARM to a single NORMAL CELL.

There have been NO known Adverse Event Reports (AER) associated with Carnivora since its inception in Europe over 35 years ago.

We are proud that the long-term success of Carnivora has yielded several "copy cat" products. Imitation is flattery. However, it is important to know that "cheaper" versions of products are "cheaper" for good reason. We are the only product of our kind that offers 100 percent Pure Capsules and Pure Extract. This is possible as a result of decades of evolution of European technology employed in the manufacturing process. The purity of Carnivora allows for super-high potency and efficacy. Each bottle of Pure Capsules and Pure Extract generally lasts the user 4 to 6 weeks depending on usage and dosage.

You are using this product to assist you in meeting your specific desired results. Would you want to experience your best chance to obtain your goals? Or would you use unproven technology yielding inferior products with toxic fillers — with no long-term history of success?

"Alternative," holistic and integrative practitioners around the world use Carnivora for their patients. This list includes MD's, DO's, Naturopathic Physicians, Naturopaths, licensed Acupuncturists, PhD's, Chiropractors and Distributors who sell the product to other physicians as well as the public.

Carnivora is sold in the United States and around the world. As a result, we must adhere to the rules and regulations of the FDA and FTC. Therefore we are prohibited from making claims that Carnivora is used for measures of prevention in the United States.

This will vary depending on factors such as overall condition, status of the immune system, extent of the use of toxic substances (individual's status of toxicity), environmental factors, etc. However, many thousands of persons using the product(s) correctly have reported significant success in several countries over 35+ year period.

Again, it depends on the purpose for use, and whether the condition is characterized as early, intermediate or advanced. Many cases report desired results in hours or days. Many persons using the product report improved results and/or desired results in weeks or months. It is important to use the product(s) properly whatever the use.

Outside of the United States, Carnivora was available in various clinic settings for administration by "IV" or "IM" in the late 1970's and early 1980's. It has not been used in this manner for more than three decades and is no longer manufactured for this type of administration. Gone are the days of utilizing this product as it began over 35 years ago. We have found over the years that the evolution of this technology has produced a superior product in the form of Pure Capsules and Pure Liquid Extract used ORALLY. Carnivora in its current forms has allowed thousands of people around the world to realize their goals without "IV" or "IM" administration. It is most important to have Carnivora in the bloodstream continuously. This can be achieved through oral administration only.

If you have achieved your desired result, you may begin maintenance by using Carnivora capsules. The following dosage schedule is applicable; you may continue for either weeks or months. For maintenance, you may continue taking three (3) capsules daily Monday through Saturday (or other six consecutive days per week). For prevention of reoccurrence, the following schedule is generally utilized;

If you are still experiencing the same condition with which you have started, continue at a higher dose, i.e. twenty (20) drops 4 times daily Monday through Saturday. Sunday, take fifteen (15) capsules daily; 5 in the morning hours, 5 in the afternoon and 5 in the early evening. Every 5th week, abstain from taking Carnivora Extract by taking fifteen (15) capsules daily; 5 in the morning hours, 5 in the afternoon and 5 in the early evening. Abstaining from Carnivora Extract every 5 weeks will help preserve its efficacy.

This is a personal decision to be made by the user. Some people will consult their integrative physician. Others will simply use the product in accordance with the instructions provided, or under the supervision of their health care practitioner. When taking drugs, we strongly urge the user to take the product under the supervision of their doctor or health care practitioner.

Absolutely, if you choose to do so. There are no known contraindications using Carnivora with any prescription drugs (or other dietary supplements). However, those using toxic blood thinner medication should consult their attending physician for monitoring the blood if taking very high doses of Pure Extract drops (25+ three times daily). Some people will reduce the dosage of their prescriptions UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF THEIR PHYSICIAN. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REDUCE DOSAGES WITHOUT YOUR PHYSICIAN'S PRIOR APPROVAL.

Absolutely. Carnivora has been used for pets of all species for more than 17 years. The dosage associated with pets is approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of that of humans. The dosage is generally dependent on the weight of your pet.

While it's not a necessity to follow any one particular diet, it is certainly advantageous to do so. We recommend that people become bonafide "juicers" while embarking on Carnivora, whether using Capsules and/or Pure Liquid Extract.

We have seen wonderful results when this juicing program is integrated with the use of Carnivora. Mixing one shot of organic wheatgrass, carrots, apples, beets, parsely, kale or celery, ginger, etc. in an eight (8) ounce cup of juice two (2) or more times daily is of substantial benefit to the user. You may "juice" 6 consecutive days per week. It is important that 1 additional shot of organic wheatgrass be ingested just prior to drinking each 8 ounce glass. Use equal portions of each organic wheatgrass, carrots, apples, beets, parsley, kale or celery, ginger, etc. in an 8 ounce cup of juice 2 or more times daily is of substantial benefit to the user. In addition, be sure to drink each fresh made juice within 15 minutes of juicing. It is critical for the preservation of the all-important enzymes present in the juice. While this takes a measure of discipline, the results far outweigh the problems that may continue to arise over time.

(The above recipe was used by a famous juiceman to help rid himself of cancer.)

In the professional opinion of doctors / practitioners using Carnivora from around the globe, the desired results are achieved in a majority of cases that are not considered "early" or "intermediate." Many have reported very high rates of success rate PRIOR to the use of toxic therapies for early conditions. It is important to note that advanced immune conditions fare far better when employing a synergistic program containing Carnivora Capsules, Carnivora Pure Liquid Extract and Lymph Drainage. Other non-toxic compounds may be employed in addition to a juicing regimen similar to the aforementioned.

Immune Conditions that are "early" or "intermediate" may utilize Carnivora Capsules in increasing doses weekly. The program schedules will be provided to every purchaser of our product(s).

Women who are nursing and/or in mid- to late-term pregnancy should abstain from taking Carnivora. Persons who take toxic blood-thinner medications must be monitored by their supervising health care practitioner. There is no chemical contraindication with toxic blood thinner meds; however, the possibility that blood may become too thin exists for those taking high doses (20+ per administration) of Pure Extract drops.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Individuals should seek advice concerning supplements and diets from physicians, health-care providers, and certified dieticians.

We agree wholeheartedly. Our manufacturing process results in no plants being used from wild habitats. This process is 100% legal.

For International orders, after your order is shipped, it can take up to 2 or 3 weeks to receive your shipment as a result of the regulatory paperwork that has to be completed to effect the shipment.

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We go through a stringent process in our lab that deletes any harmful excipients from the plant. What remains are the 17 naturally occurring (from nature) non-toxic compounds that can be viewed on this page of our website: