We have dosing protocols for pets that incorporate the administration of both the Carnivora Capsules and the Carnivora Pure Liquid Extract over a period of time.

image of a golden retreiver running with a stick in it open mouth
image of a grey and white cat perched in round bed staring out an interior window

Each Pet Program Schedule has specific dosing instructions depending on the pet's weight or weight class.

There are five different Pet Program Schedules based on the following weight classes:

  • ¾ lb – 10 lbs
  • 11 lbs – 30 lbs
  • 31 lbs – 60 lbs
  • 61 lbs – 90 lbs
  • 91+ lbs
People have used Carnivora for their pets successfully for a wide range of immune challenges for many decades.

When placing an order for use with a pet, please let us know your pet's approximate weight so that we can include the appropriate Program Schedule in the package with your order.