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Over the past decade, extensive research has revealed how important the immune system is to the body's ability to resist acute and chronic diseases, and to function at its most effective level.

We now recognize that even a healthy immune system can be affected both by our mental and emotional states, and by the body's own chemical mediators, i.e. lithium, noradrenaline and the different zytokines.

Healthy human beings are equipped with 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds, cell count totaling more than 1012) of immune competent cells, which are the main component of that invisible organ — the immune system. These cells consist of a cocktail of macrophages, including the white blood cells (T- and B lymphocytes), which are natural killer cells, and plasma cells. Furthermore, these individual cells of the immune system are linked to each other through constant chemical feedback from within the body in response to the harmful intruding organisms.

The immune system also has a counter-mechanism that keeps its killer and scavenger cells from destroying normal tissue and organisms. This counter-mechanism consists of the T-suppressor cells. Suppressor cells have the power to increase the body's ability to kill incompatible organisms and they work in conjunction with T-helper cells to balance immune system responses. The ratio between the suppressor and helper cells determines how powerful the body's self-defense system is at any given time. In healthy people, the normal ratio is 1.2 to 0.3.

"The suppressor-helper cell ratio acts as an indicator of the body's self-defense capacity and can be used to evaluate and monitor the immune system's health."

These are the regulating mechanisms that are inherited by all humans as part of our genetic composition. However, these defense mechanisms can become diminished in persons with a history of health disorders and even in healthy persons. In today's world, the immune system can be diminished by a variety of factors, including exposure to environmental pollutants, excessive stress and poor diet.

There is a solution: Nature has provided us with numerous nutritional protective agents that support and enhance our immune systems. Equally as important, they act as antipathogenic agents against these incompatible organisms. The best nutritional support we know of is Carnivora, a patented phytonutrient extract derived from the juice of the Venus Flytrap plant. Carnivora supplements mimic the body's own defense agents and support a stronger immune reaction. The supplements, developed by Carnivora Research Inc., International, maintain the carefully balanced immune system mechanisms. This "enhances" the immune response in otherwise healthy persons who are suffering from stress, whether internal or external.

In 1973, more than thirty years ago, I discovered why Carnivora is such an effective dietary supplement for the immune system. As you know, this plant is an expert at trapping its own meals through a sensitive biological response process. When a fly or other small insect touches the delicate hairs of the plant's "mouth," it causes the mouth to close quickly, trapping the insect inside the plant. The juicy liquids inside the plant's mouth are capable of digesting animal and vegetable materials. Interestingly, they do not, however, digest the plant itself. From this observation, I concluded that the Venus Flytrap plant must have an advanced immune system capable of distinguishing between harmful intruder organisms and its own materials.

In fact, the plant only digests the "primitive" undeveloped, undifferentiated cells of its own prey. These "primitive" cells are the same kind of cells that intrude into the human body. These primitive cells will proliferate as a result of chronic stress, exposure to pollutants and poor dietary habits, which the body's immune system is programmed to attack. Supplementing the diet with the seventeen known inherent components of Carnivora supports the immune system multi-dimensionally by fortifying the body's own defense mechanisms.

The beauty and intelligence of this remarkable plant cannot be over-emphasized. It is nature's storehouse of phytonutrients for the immune system. Over the past decade, Carnivora Research has refined the patented procedures for obtaining the highest quality pharmaceutically produced standardized product. Carnivora is manufactured under GMP (good manufacturing practices) regulations and guidelines. As a result, we are able to offer a highly effective nutritional supplement.

*Carnivora can be safely ingested and at low concentrations will produce the immune system supportive response noted by researchers and immunologists around the world. The optimal intake is one of 125 microgram capsule taken three times daily, for preventative use. The safety of Carnivora is substantiated through subacute (90 day) oral toxicity studies, negative mutagenicity and genotoxicity test results. Carnivora contains no pyrogenes, endotoxins or cytotoxins.