Carnivora’s Role in Optimizing Immune Function during a Global Pandemic

The global pandemic of 2020, which began late in 2019 as indicated by its’ nickname “COVID-19”, has changed how many people approach their health. It is clear that once infected, the stronger a person’s immune system is, and the quicker one can respond to an invader, the more likely an optimal outcome can be achieved.

Covid-19 enters the body through the mouth, nose, or eyes. Once inside the body, the replication process will begin unless it encounters a peak performing immune system. As the virus enters the body and begins to replicate, it will attempt to reach the lungs. This is a critical juncture in the infection's progress, as once it reaches the lungs, they will likely become inflamed, which can lead to pneumonia. This scenario makes it more challenging to achieve the desired result (eradication of the virus) promptly.

It is important to note that reportedly many of the positive Covid-19 cases involve mild or no symptoms. These are people that likely have a high functioning immune system capable of addressing viral invaders quickly. One way to best position yourself for such an outcome, should you encounter this or any other virulent intruder by using Carnivora to achieve a powerful level of immune protection.

Carnivora is a nutritional powerhouse with world-class healing capabilities that can play a key role in protecting yourself from Covid-19. Carnivora was developed in Europe in the 1970s by Dr. Helmet Keller and is the 100% pure phytonutrient extract of a species of the Venus Fly Trap plant. It consists of 17 naturally occurring compounds, all of which are compatible with humans and animals and have various mechanisms of action within the body.

Carnivora selectively responds to all abnormal cells without harming a single normal cell. It wakes up two of the most important immune cells; neutrophil white blood cells and Natural Killer cells, which seek out abnormal cells in the human body. Carnivora is also an immune modulator and works to bring the immune system's helper and suppressor cells into balance, or homeostasis. This multi-dimensional capability helps modulate the entire system by increasing its efficiency and maintaining a more effective immune response.

Carnivora is a supplement that can be used by anyone of any age, regardless of your current health condition. It is widely used by otherwise healthy people who are looking to stay healthy. Carnivora has been getting and keeping people healthy for over 40 years. During a global pandemic, protect yourself by unleashing the power and genius of Mother Nature onto your immune system, with Carnivora.