Carnivora’s various mechanisms of action and how each affects the Immune System

Carnivora is a world-class healing product that uniquely influences the immune system in various ways to deliver immune-enhancing benefits to the end user. Used by President Reagan and scientifically backed by clinical study research at a top US university, Carnivora has helped bring excellent health outcomes to thousands of people and pets worldwide for over 45 years.   

One of the significant aspects of Carnivora’s effect on the Immune System is its multi-faceted ability to respond to harmful intruders directly by stripping the outer protective protein shell of the abnormal cell, then depleting its core energy source – Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – to the point of cellular termination. In addition to reducing the ATP levels resulting in apoptosis (abnormal cell death), Carnivora works directly against pathogens by blocking the mitochondrial synthesis of protein kinase production. During this entire process, not a single normal cell is ever harmed. 

If dormant or underactive, Carnivora “wakes up” two of the most important immune cells; neutrophil white blood cells (WBCs) and Natural Killer Cells (NK cells), which seek out invaders (abnormal cells) in the body. Additionally, Carnivora supports macrophage production and helps to stimulate phagocytosis, the cellular process of the body’s immune cells engulfing and removing pathogens and cellular debris.  

Carnivora is an immune modulator that brings the helper and suppressor cells (T&B cells) of the immune system into homeostasis and puts them in their proper ratio. This multi-dimensional capability helps to modulate the entire system by increasing the efficiency of this ratio, thereby maintaining a more effective and balanced immune response. Carnivora is used for immune challenges caused by an imbalance in this ratio, such as autoimmune disorders.

Carnivora’s capacity to respond directly to abnormal cells and its ability to bring the immune system back into balance are two of the extraordinary features that have helped thousands of people and pets worldwide to get healthy and stay healthy.